Monday, 9 June 2008

Badminton Racket Bags

So you have just bought your new badminton rackets, you are going to need somewhere to put them. Badminton bags come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, they protect badminton rackets from damage. Simple really. These days you will find that most racquets come with a bag of some sort, be it a thermo bag, or a great big bag to hold god knows how much stuff.

It never used to be like this though. I remmember many years ago you just got a small head cover and that was it, just enough protection for the strings, forget the shaft and the handle. Over time these bags grew to three quarter length, so just the handle was exposed. This offered a little more protection, but if your grip looked like it had been in a war zone, full of sweat and dirt (like mine usually do) all these bags did was to tell the world what sweaty hands you have. Here is a tip, don't buy white grips if you have sweaty hands, after about one hour of playing it will look like crap.

One of the main benefits of badminton racket bags are that they protect your strings from temperature changes. It gets cold in the winter, and strings don't like changes in temp. Sports halls are usually freezing in the winter so you do need to protect your investment. I must have about 30 thermo bags hanging around that are just big enough for a couple of rackets, they never get used. If you have quite a few bats you need to scale up and get a larger bag that will hold them all, plus a bit more room for all the other stuff that we players carry. My bag is currently full of squash balls, but that's another story.

You wil also need somewhere to store all your clothes, all the spare t-shirts and socks etc. When you play in tournaments this is a definite requirement, you don't want all your gear spread all over the place. This can cause problems if someone has the same racket as you and they all get mixed up, you can find yourself heading home with the wrong one. For my needs i have a 6 racket thermo bag and a seperate bag for my clothing. In the thermo bag i have a squash racket and 4 of my Carlton Airblade Tours. The big bag has my yonex shoes and god knows what else. Here is a tip, do not wear your badminton shoes until you get on court. If you wear them outside you will wear the grip down quicker, and you want them to last as long as possible.

You can spend quite a lot of money on badminton bags, but they all do the same thing really, the only differences are the prices. If we take Yonex as an example, you can get a 3 racket thermal bag for around £10 and one that carries 6 for around £20. You can get 9 and 12 racket bags and you can pay up to £50 for the latest Yonex one's. The choice is yours, and you will get a better quality bag that will last you if you spend a bit more, although you can save money if you buy last seasons badminton racket bags.

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