Sunday, 8 February 2009

More Apacs Badminton Rackets

I have just received another batch of Apacs badminton rackets to test. These being the Nano 999 Power, the Super Light and the Tantrum Power 11. All are strung with Apacs string at 28lbs tension, so for any of you out there who are a bit wary of whether or not an Apacs racket can handle this tension, then fear not, because they can!

I have only had them for 3 days, but i have played with the Nano 999 Power 3 times already, and my first impression of this badminton racket is that it designed for pure power, it is heavier than the others, has a head heavy balance, and the shuttle flies off this racket. After the first few shots i could tell it was going to be good. It is one of the most powerful rackets i have ever used. I will play with all of them in the upcoming days and post my reviews of each one shortly, the first will be the Nano 999 Power.

On another note, it seems the e-mail i sent to badminton england regarding the All England and the yonex monopoly has fallen on deaf ears, i have not had any reply. Not to worry, i will now direct a new e-mail at a specific person, and not just badminton england, this will hopefully get me a reply, if not, it will just show how great my badminton association really is, i mean, a paid up member of this association cannot even get a reply? Shameful isn't it?


Lefty said...
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Lefty said...

Hi Antony,

How does the Nano 999 Power compare to the APACS Edge Sabre 7?
My friend tried my ES7 and has been looking at both rackets on the APACS web site.
He asked me how would they compare in terms of weight, balance, power etc. He's from the 'Carbonex' generation so he likes head heavy rackets.
Thanks for your opinion.

antony said...

Hi Lefty
The Nano 999 Power is totally different to the Edge Saber 7. The Nano Power is 90g, very heavy, head heavy , but it unbelievably powerful due to the weight. I am in the process of writing my review on it, but i can tell you it is pure power, probably the most powerful racket i have tested, and i love it! It will not be for everyone, but if you like power, and don't mind the extra weight then this is the one for you. Look out for the review in the next few days.

Miha said...
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Miketronic said...

Hi Antony,

I have bought an Apacs 999 Power from the UK Apacs Dealer and am totally satisfied. Everything you wrote is dead on. The power is great and what is also important, I don't feel the "heaviness" of the Racket. I will try to get my hands on a backup N999P Racket as soon as it will be available at ApacsUK again.

From your experience you haven't tested anaything so powerful, but which Racket from Yonex or any other manufacturer would compare to the N999P in terms of power.

Thanks for writing such an informative blog.


antony said...

Hi Mike
Glad you like the Nano 999 Power, i know the guys at Apacs are using it as well after i did my review on it!! The best bit is that it is so cheap as well, you will do well to get a more powerful racket for the price. Nothing in the Yonex range will give you as much power as the 999, and i cannot think of any other brand that compares to it either. I do think that Apacs have mis-placed this racket in terms of what it can do, and also the price, they have not marketed it in the right way for me. However, their loss is your gain, it just means you got a good deal on a good racket, so well done.