Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Browning Oxylite Review

I have been using the Browning Oxylite 80Ti badminton racket for the last few days, it is not actually mine, but i have borrowed it in a sort of trade deal. I am going to write a review of this racket in the next post because there are many people out there who use Browning rackets, or are interested in buying them. I can tell you that this particular racket cost just £20, and it offers unbelievable value for money.

It is very well made and is very solid too, you don't usually find this with cheap badminton rackets, they tend to distort and twist on impact. Not the case with the Oxylite 80. My early impressions are very good indeed. I will give it real good going over in the next few days and post a review on it. By the way, if any of you have a website or blog and you use adsense on it then you will need to update your privacy policy or google may ban you from using adsense. I will put a permanent link to it in the sidebar in the future.

I still have not heard anything from Victor sports or from Head UK, so i will be sending a few e-mails to them in due course to see if i can wrangle a few more badminton rackets from them.


stefan.89 said...

hi antony,i just wan to ask you something about the apcas company,there are two web pages about this company and i can't decide from wich can i order a racket! first is /www.apacsuk.co.uk
and the second www.apacs-sports.co.uk......I am from serbia and i want to order nano power 999,you describe this racket like it was made just for me,but unlackily this racket is out of stock! Do you know maybe when can be posible to order thi racket?

antony said...

Hi Stefan
Both websites are fine to order from, they are just different suppliers. The stuff they sell is the real thing, so no problems with either of them. If the nano 999 is out of stock, i can send an e-mail to apacs to find out when they will have some more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Antony! Ok,ask them when they will have some more 999! Once again thank you!

ericb said...

Hi Antony,

I'm starting to play badminton (again after 5 years) here in the US. It's not as dominant as it is in Asia. I'm still trying to look for a good racket once I become used to playing again. First time I heard of Browning rackets. I wish you can post pictures here in your blog as well and compare it to a racket you usually use. This would help your review a better contrast.

Nice blog!

antony said...

Hi Eric
Glad you are back playing badminton again. I am not sure if you can get hold of Browning rackets in the US, although they are an American company. You probably know the name from the guns they make, that is their main business. They have been making badminton rackets for years as well.
When i post my review of the Oxylite i will compare it to the carlton airblade and some of the other rackets i have tested, so you can have a bit of a comparison.
You are right about the pictures, i do not post enough of them, in fact i hardly ever post pictures!! I guess i am too lazy, and besides, my camera is crap and the pictures are not very clear. I may invest in a new one and see what i can do.
I may get a new comment from my friend "Lime" about comparing rackets, but what the hell! In fact i would like Lime to write a guest review on here, so if your reading this Lime, send me an e-mail or leave a comment and we can work something out here.

antony said...

I have sent an e-mail to Apacs for you regarding the nano 999 power, i will let you know the answer when they reply to my e-mail.

ericb said...

i see, no wonder when I would look up their website Browning guns would show up! How would you compare the technologies for Carlton vs. Yonex vs Wilson.


antony said...

I have e-mailed Apacs nd they said the nano 999 power should be in stock at the end of this month.

avinash said...

dear antony...i need ur help..please check ur mail..
warm regards

Badminton Rules said...

Thank you very much for sharing this post about Browning Oxylite Review! I love this racket! Keep playing badminton!:)