Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Apacs Nano 7007 Power Review

The final racket i have tested is the Nano 7007 Power. As the name suggests, it has nano technology in it. The technical spec is that it weighs around 85g, but it feels lighter than this when you play with it. The balance is 285mm, it feels pretty evenly balanced. The flex is 7.5-8.5 which means it is fairly stiff. Is has been pre strung to 28lbs by the guys from Apacs in apacs ti string. The head shape is isometric an it has the muscle power style grommet design.

First impressions is that it feels much like the two Hotshots rackets, and all rounder which is light and easy to use. I know that this racket is one of the budget range, but i don't know how much exactly that is, i am sure it will be on the main Apacs site already. No doubt it will cost less than the Hotshots, but because it is so similar it could be an option to save youself some cash and by this instead. Having said that, the Hotshots have that very annoying elctro plated finish so they shine like crazy under ligthing. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. I have played against someone ith one of the Ashaway Electro plated rackets and it was really off putting. When they serve to you to bloody thing shines in your eyes off the hall lights. This can be an advantage to you if you do have one of these models, all you need to do is position it so it catches the lights and reflects into your opponents eyes every time you serve.

I has no problems using the Nano 7007, it felt well made and pretty solid on impact. The frame can handle the tension at 28lbs, and could no doubt take a bit more, which is very good for a budget racket to withstand. Most manufacturers will stay well away from suggesting this kind of tension on a budget racket, but all the Apacs rackets i have tested can take higher tensions without any problem at all. The Nano 7007 is a good little racket and well worth buying. It does a little bit of everything but is better suited for defensive and net shots play because it is light. You have to put in more work from the back to get power, but that is the case with all light rackets that are even balanced. If you know what you are getting then you will find the right bat to suit you best.

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Good review and Apacs are reasonable rackets with quality, pricy in uk but beware of Racquet_Sports on Ebay, a scammer
carry on the good work