Sunday, 1 May 2011

Apacs Slayer 95 Review

The last of the test rackets is the Slayer 95, so here is my review of it. I didn't take any pictures of it, but in the future as per Dave's request i will add photos of the rackets i review on here. Having been impressed with the other two Slayer rackets, namely the 88 and the 99, i had high hopes for the 95 as well. I didn't have a spec for this racket as it is not yet on the Apacs Sports UK website, so i have nicked one from another Apacs site that already sells it outside of the UK.

Frame : 30T HM Graphite + 3K Woven + Carbon Nano Tube
Shaft : 40T HM Graphite + 3K Woven + Carton Nano Tube
Head Shape : ISO, Extremem Power Frame, 72 holes
Length : 670mm
Weight : 82 ± 2g
Balance Pt. : 285 ± 3mm (Even balance)
Shaft Dia. : Ø 7.0mm
Max Tension : 33/36lbs ( Main/Cross )

The weight was not 82g i can tell you that, it was around 85g. As usual the tension was 28lbs with Apacs slayer string. The balance was even, and the flex was medium/stiff. I have to say with the grip added it felt a little head light.

First impressions were not that great at all. The racket felt unstable when i hit the shuttle. The head seemed to move around a bit on impact, and this is something i do not like or want from any racket. I also felt more vibration than with the other Slayer rackets. The overall head light balance meant i had more trouble performing basic shots such as clears from baseline to baseline. I am only talking a slight difference here, i could still hit the clears, but it just felt like this racket would be a high work racket.

I had the same feeling when smashing as well. The head moved on impact much more than the 99 and 88, and it took a bit of getting used to. Where this Slayer 95 is best is around the net and for those fast defensive shots. The head light balance made a difference as it should, so i would suggest this racket is more suited for defensive players, or those like to play at the net in doubles. From the rear court it is not that great, so the choice is yours.

In conclusion, i was not impressed with this racket. Unstable is not good for a badminton player, and by far the most important point for any badminton racket is how it feels to you. For me i didn't connect with it, i didn't get that feeling that i look for. Others may well disagree, and that is fine. If you choose the Slayer 95 and feel comfortable with it, then great, the racket has done its job. I will give it 7/10.

After testing this latest batch of Apacs rackets, i would give top marks to the 88 and 99, followed by the Lethal 100, and in last place comes the Slayer 95. The 88 and 99 are very good all round rackets, the 100 is very head heavy so i would say it is better for singles players, and the 95 would be best around the net in doubles.

I have also noticed a new racket from Apacs called the Lurid Power. There are 3 rackets in this range that i have seen so far, and the important point with them all is that you can change the balance of the racket with end cap weights. Right at the bottom of the handle is where this magic happens, and you get 2 weights, one is the default weight of 1 gram, the other is 3 grams. The original blance point is for a head heavy balance with the 1 gram weight in place, but add the 3 gram weight and you turn head heavy into even balance. This is the same effect as adding lead tape to the bottom of the handle, which i have done quite a few times in the past, but obviously it makes this process much easier and less time consuming. I would quite like to get my hands on these rackets to see if they actually do make a difference.

I am now on the hunt for more test rackets, so i will be sending a few specualtive e-mails to some retailers to see if they will loan out some rackets. I won't hold my breath on this!


Anonymous said...

Any chance you can review Victor Brave Sword 10 and 12? Also, Victor MX80 and SW35. Thanks.

dave said...

Although I am not looking for a new racquet I read the reviews just because it is interesting haha.
Especially the Lurid Power! Adjustable weight is an intriguing idea!
I was wondering what the weight increments were and here I got it off the Apacs Canada site if anyone else was curious.

"The Red Cap weight for 1 gram and it is the default factory set up. A Blue Cap weight of 4 grams and a Removal Tool will also provided. Change to Blue Cap will shift the balance point back about 8-10mm and racket weight will increase by 3 grams. So you changed a Head Heavy Lurid Power 23 to an Even Balance/Head Light racket."

antony said...

Hi Dave

Yeh i had a look at the Apacs Canada site as well. This idea does seem good on paper, i guess the proof will be actually trying them out.

antony said...


I will have to see if i can get hold of these Victor rackets in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Antony,

Just wondering if you have reviewed the lurid power 23, and if so, i'd like to hear your view. I'm considering buying either the lurid power 23 or slayer 88 and maybe you can help me decide.. thanks in advance.

antony said...

I have not tested the lurid power, i haven't even seen any in the UK so far. The Slayer 88 is a decent all round racket for the price.

Emmanuel Abarado said...

Hi Antony,
I love your blog and I always read your racket reviews! I hopw you come back into the game and review the newer APACS rackets that are coming out. They're adopting slimmer frames that are really solid and I think you should look into them. I personally have tried the Virtuoso Performance and it is an amazing racket. The new rackets include the Lethal 110 which is a really solid racket, the Blend Pro, and the Virtuoso Pro. i hope you look into them in the future so that you can give people who are looking into APACS some insight on their newer technologies. Thank you so much for these blogs, they're really helpful!